Its back to Zoom for our next club meeting, with a twist on an old theme.


We’ve had many evenings in the past where we’ve viewed films from other clubs, but rarely has this be a reciprocal arrangement in the same week – until now! This Tuesday evening, OVFM will be sharing films submitted by Teign Film Makers Club a mere 24 hours after they will have enjoyed a program of films submitted by OVFM!


At present we don’t know what films we will be seeing from Teign, affording us a level of anticipation for what awaits. As we have seen in the past. most clubs tend to have their own unique “flavour” influenced by their geography and local culture, as well as personal or collective attitudes towards experimentation and embracing technology in their filmmaking. Hopefully, this should prove to be an exciting evening from that perspective.


There will be a few moments after each film for a brief discussion about what have seen and to share our thoughts on them, but we ask you to keep the comments as constructive and non-critical as possible, as this is a friendly exercise not to mention we have open the invitation for members of Teign to join us for this session. And since they are also judging our annual competition films this year, it would be wise not to upset them!


As ever, club secretary Barbara J. Darby will send the Zoom meeting link out via email shortly before the meeting and a final reminder on the day so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Evenings such as this are always fun and enlightening, just to see the output from other film clubs across the country, the standard of their work and their philosophies on filmmaking, so do please join us on Tuesday to  lean more about  our new friends from Teign Film makers Club!


  1. a) Will we be told which of our films Teign will have viewed ?

    b) Are we expecting to get any feedback from them?

  2. Hi Brian,

    Jane Oliver submitted the following reply:

    “Teign Filmmakers were the judges of our annual competition. They will provide feedback for the films entered, but OVFM members will not be given this until after the Oscars.

    The Teign chairman will choose a selection of these films to show their club members next week, as only the judges have viewed them thus far. We are NOT invited to their meeting, as they wish to discuss them without any of us present and they don’t want OVFM members to know the results ahead of the Oscars.

    In return we have been given access to watch some of their films at our next meeting. It is good to see the type of films made by a club in a very different geographical area with different demographics. We will invite them to join us if they wish on zoom, as we are not judges for any of their films.

    I hope this answers your question.


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