OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 5th 2013 – OVFM OSCARS!!



It’s time to put on make up

It’s time to dress up right

It’s time to raise the curtain on OVFM Oscars night


Once again the biggest event in the OVFM calendar is upon us as we hold our very own Oscars! Over the past twelve months we’ve all (well some of us have) been hard at work making films and improving our skills and this is the night where that hard work is recognised and rewarded.

The many trophies and awards contested include the Ian Dunbar Cup, the Orpington trophy, the Jubilee Shield and the Mike Turner Plate and judging by the quality of the films entered these will all be tightly contested categories. We shall also be announcing the winner of the top 10 for 2012, one of the few awards based on club member votes.

Last year Simon “Snapper” Earwicker swept the board with four prizes. Can he do it again this year or will we crown a new King or Queen of OVFM?

As always the Oscar night is meant to be a fun time for the club as much as it is an evening of celebration so members are encouraged to either put on their gladrags or be a bit creative and indulge in a bit of fancy dress. Who can forget last year when our beloved vice chairman Mike Turner dressed up as a banana to help promote Anna Littler’s Blitz & Bananas?

So, let’s hope no-one trips up when going up to receive their award or we don’t have to endure any embarrassing skits or songs about seeing certain parts of the female body as those pretenders in Hollywood did last week. This is the OVFM Oscars – about a classy as you can get (for Orpington anyway…)!!

Hope to see you all then!

2 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 5th 2013 – OVFM OSCARS!!”

  1. Hi Lee,
    What a splendid article on the Oscars.
    Lets make it the best Oscar evening so far for OVFM.

  2. Hi Lee
    Can I propose that the Muppets themes song becomes the official feel good anthem of OVFM?
    Now if I could just remember where I’d put my frog outfit…

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