OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 27th 2012




What does that mean? It means we have two club night themes for the price of one!

First off we shall (hopefully) be viewing films made to support our most recent project topic “Let’s Look At This Another Way” which was announced HERE and two weeks later I still don’t know what it means!!

The second part of the evening will see the fruits of our individual and collective labours as part of the Coaching Evening sessions as those of us who dared to accept the challenge will present our edits of the film we made “The Amazing Healing Machine”.

It should be an entertaining evening for both topics, to see how the project theme has been interpreted and the different ideas brought to the edits of the Coaching Evening film.

See you then!

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday March 27th 2012”

  1. I’d just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
    It was fascinating to see the different versions of ‘The Amazing etc’, and how people coped with technical problems and editing decisions.
    My personal fav version was Johm’s!

    The project part of evening was highly entertaining too.
    All I can say Lee is OCD…OMG!

  2. Last night saw two topics up for interpretation for our film making skills. First up was “Let’s Look At This Another Way” and the opening film was “OCD” from yours truly.

    Next was “Our Son” from Barbara “Cakes” Darby followed by an animated offering from Jim Morton-Robertson entitled “Spring”. Mike Shaw teased us with some “Enigmas” while Derek Allen rounded things off with his entry which he declared “This Is A Terrible Film”.

    The “Main Event” of the evening – or more accurately the “Déjà vu” part of the night – was the unveiling of the different versions of the “The Amazing Healing Machine” Coaching Evening project film. After a very brief “Behind the Scenes” clip from John Bunce we had five versions of the main film to witness from John Bunce, Sylvia Snipp, the Pinnacle Users Group, Ian Menage and the “Director’s Cut” from er….me! 😛 Five different and unique interpretations of one idea, it was interesting to see who the individual perspectives were applied to the final product.

    To conclude the evening was a film from Colin Jones of the original skit he did as a live act which was the template for this film.

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