The guest speaker lined up for this week’s club meeting should be familiar to everyone at OVFM as it is our very own Professor Mike Shaw!


Before he picked up the camera and became the club’s resident special effects whizz, Mike spent many years working in advertising and was responsible for masterminding a number of campaigns for many top name companies and businesses of the time.

So what does this have to do with filmmaking? Both films and adverts, or indeed any creative process, begin the same way – with an idea. Certainly there are differences in that ads need to be short, to the point and within a specific remit of the company or product requirements (and we at OVFM are not adverse to making short films under a minute either) but there needs to be a starting point and it is that common thread which will be one feature of Mike’s presentation.

Mike will be talking us through some of the campaigns he was responsible for, explaining the various stages of creative process and sharing the end results with us, which saw Mike rub shoulders with some the showbiz elite of the era – not that Mike is a name dropper so don’t expect to hear the name Sammy Davis Jr. mentioned at any time during the course of the evening!

It might be a different tact from our usual film related guest speakers but I’m sure it won’t be any less interesting to us as creative types. And who knows – we may see an ad campaign already familiar to us unaware it was actually one of Mike’s.

Only one way to find out and that is to join us this coming Tuesday evening where you are Shaw to be in for a fascinating evening!

Ahem. I’ll get my coat….

5 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING TUESDAY March 1st 2016”

  1. ‘Shaw to be in for a fascinating evening’ – you have been bitten by the bug Lee. Really looking forward to the Maestro!

  2. Thanks Mike for a fascinating evening!

    Even though the end results may be different I’m sure there is something we can all take away from Mike’s creative experiences and apply the to our filmmaking endeavours, from how to turn and develop a simple idea into a great end product to working within a strict time limit and specific parameters.

    And kudos to Mike for resisting the urge to be a shameless namedropper and not spend all night talking about working with Twiggy, June Whitlfield, Roy Kinnear, Tom Baker, Sir Michael Holden, Orson Welles, Roger Greenaway, Robert Powell…. 😛

  3. Thanks Mike, a very enjoyable evening. We are all subjected to vast amounts of advertising on TV but few of us appreciate the enormous amount of thought and work that goes into producing an advert.

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