OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 25th 2013


So, why is this a “Special” Project Evening? Because I couldn’t think of how else to categorise what we have in store for this week!!

The architect of this unique event called “Consequences” is our youngest club member and Vice Chairman Sam “Choo-Choo” Brown and you know the kids of today with their Red Bull and Hippity Hoppity music, so what goes on in his mind could be quite frightening as we are sure to find out.

The idea is thus: we are (hopefully) going to make a film (a new experience for some of you I believe) but what it is about is a mystery and that is the point of this project – to see if we can create a film on the fly. The club members will be split into small groups and Sam will give them each an opening a closing line for their scene. The groups will have a few minutes to brainstorm an idea in which to incorporate these lines then the camera will be passed to them and they will shoot their scene.

Will the end product have any coherence at all? Will the story flow? The only way to find out is to show up on Tuesday evening and join in the maybe… er fun!

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  1. Thanks to Sam for an interesting and fun evening last night.

    For those of you miserable sods who stayed away you missed out an enjoyable and practical evening which – with a few tweaks – we will be trying again in the future.

    We were split up into five teams and each given an opening and closing line (which corresponds with the previous and following scene) then we went off into the other room where a camera and an disparate set of props awaited us to film our scenes.

    Sam’s hope for a coherent end result wasn’t to be – quelle surprise, right? – but what we did get was a myriad of interesting ideas, ensuring no two scenes were the same regardless of having an tenuously interlinking script.

    The end result was a five minute film that took in comedy, drama, music and surreality (seriously what was group three doing???) that will haunt us all until we reach our final resting places, but it was a fun experience overall.

  2. Seriously, can’t stop giggling as a proud member of Team 3 – you just had to be there in the Garden Room……..

  3. I’m well impressed with the imagination on display last night!
    If that’s what people can come up with in minutes…!
    I’d like Bob and John B to develop their double act, I’d like to give Roger an Oscar, and I think Team Two should release an album of their take on popular piano classics!
    Thanks to Sam for organizing and everyone for taking part.
    Great write up Lee.
    And remember…Don’t Drop that Glove!

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