OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 3rd 2012


Another OVFM annual tradition supplants our regular club meetings this week in the form of the annual barbecue – or in this case a Garden Party.

Why a garden party? Well, the event this year will be held in the stately home of Colin and Mrs Colin Jones (you know where to look for the address; if not how the hell did you get onto this website?) and they have some shrubs that need digging up and can’t be arsed to do it themselves. So anyone foolish enough to show up with a shovel and wheelbarrow to unleash their inner Titchmarsh will be reward with some food. Possibly.

In following on from last year’s event held at Mike Shaw’s palatial abode, the menu will be another feast of fish and chips style sustenance. Hopefully you all should have filled in the form passed around at the recent club meetings stating whether you were attending and what food you would like to eat. If you didn’t then I’m afraid you’re going to starve.

As before you need to make sure you bring your own chairs, tables, drinks, glasses, cutlery, plates, condiments, washing up liquid, toilet, books, TV, computers, music, oxygen, and as it’s summer, your raincoats, umbrellas, snorkels, towels, change of clothes etc. and, if you’ve got room left in the car, yourselves.

Colin will be opening his doors at 6:30pm then shutting them again as his wife says it lets the cold in. You will of course need the password to gain entrance into the Jones residence and that password can be found wherever you last left it. If you have any trouble parking then you might need to practice more.

It should be a fun evening.*




*Should be but I’m making no promises.

5 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 3rd 2012”

  1. Definitely well scribed and highly amuse-worthy. Love the car-parking gag … wish I’d said that (but I will, I will, have no fear!)

  2. Sylvia told me that this Oracle says, “doors open 6.30” – probably will but maybe for those good people who turn up to ‘organise’.
    So, as far as I know, (and have emailed to all attendees) you are welcome to be early and stay late to tidy up, but Chris is going to order food for 7.45 which is about half an hour earlier than last year I think.
    Time to alter things if YOU contact him – but this is how it is planned a.t.m.
    Also appreciated “the fourth paragraph” Lee, feels like that sometimes!!

    1. Ah yes. I wrote this a few weeks ago and used that was just a place keeper with the intention of replacing it with the real time before posting, but I forgot.

      Then again the idea of Colin being in the bath at 6:30 and everyone turning up for dinner at that time amuses me so it stays in! 😉 😛

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