OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 31st 2012


As the more astute of you may have already divined, this week’s club meeting will feature a show of films from another club. For more on this I hand the floor over to Simon “Snapper” Earwicker:

Potters Bar Film Makers – The Video Club for East Herts, have sent us two discs of their most scintillating cinematic creations.

With over seventy minutes of material to draw from on a wide variety of subjects you will have to wait until Tuesday to discover if a dose of Dolly Parton, a taste of Twilight Zone, a figment of Fly or perhaps a blush of Belly Dancer makes it onto the Big Screen!

Or maybe a Touch of Time Travel and Vestige of Vertical Travel will make the grade…only one man knows…and he’s taken the Projectionists’ Oath

“I (insert name here) do solemnly swear never to swear (even when provoked), and I (insert name here) also swear that the truths I hold dear are the whole truths and nothing but the truths so help me Reg (PLEASE help me Reg).”

Got that? Good! Then we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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  1. We had a whopping twelve films from Potter’s Bar Filmmakers last night.

    Kicking things off was he first three films from John Astin entitled “London Prepares”. And it’s not what you are thinking of…

    Robert Chester saw “Seven Castles in Seven Days” although he only shared one of them here.

    According to Penny Love (and Dolly Parton) “Love Is like A Butterfly” while flies of a different kind featured in “Hook Tying” by two Stephens, Healing and Glasspal.

    “The Land of Hicce” comes under the scrutiny of John & Margaret Farrer followed by a trip to “A Quiet Place” with Penny Love.

    Stephen Healing returns with “What Christmas Means To Me”, an interesting look at a perennial festive character, followed by John Astin’s second film of the evening, “Cliffhangers”, recounting the history of the cliff lift.

    “Starstrucks” was a comedic club effort, but the mood changed for Ed Kinge’s solemn “A Rainy Day”.

    John Astin’s final outing was one for ski enthusiasts, “Arosa Weisshorn” and the evening closed with a supernatural tale “The Bermuda Wood mystery” by The “A” Team.

    Thanks to Potters Bar for sharing their films with us.

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