The next club meeting is another chance of us to make a film in an evening (or attempt to) but this time with a twist – we are asking you to bring a prop (and your cameras too)!

It doesn’t have to be big (so that’s my 1:1 scale model of HMS Belfast off the list then), it just has to have potential for ideas either comedy or drama, then its cool with us. They can be items of clothing such as hats, funny shoes, masks, wigs or every day items that might facilitate a story, or you could even surprise us with something unusual. We can’t promise to use all of them but as long as we have enough cameras with us the chances of a film being made with them increases.

We are not expecting to make any masterpieces inside this two hour session but we are hoping to have something achieved by the end, even if it is a 30 second clip. This is the main objective of the evening, to get us making films and you never know, it could inspire you to expand on an idea or try your own – just in time to compete in the remaining rounds of the TOP TEN COMPETITION!

So have a rummage to see what might be lurking around at home that could provide inspiration for a film and bring it and your camera to the meeting this coming Tuesday!

3 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING TUESDAY JULY 11th 2017”

  1. No it doesn’t Andy – just a break from projection (maybe)
    Dig out one of your hats!!

  2. So much for your evening off, Andy! 😉 😛

    Anyway, despite the torrential rain scaring off many club members last night was an interesting and productive evening with some decidedly esoteric ideas on display, which either shows the unique creativity of OVFM members that a random collection of objects can inspire or we are a right bunch of weirdos! Then again Brenda Wheatley did bring some booze in as part of her props (at least I hope they were props)…

    We did manage to make five short films though (including my acting debut – and my acting retirement) , which goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it! 🙂

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