OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday January 21st 2014


“We’re all going on a summer holiday…”

Well not really but we are hoping to see where some of our club members went on theirs as its time for our annual Holiday Films night!

Since we have a number of intrepid explorers among our numbers and if past years are any indication, we can be assured of a global trip via the selection of video travelogues we hope to see shared with us at our next club meeting.  Our globetrotting filmmakers have a reputation for covering all four corners of the globe in their pursuit of relaxation and discovery, while others just like to show off how rich they are by travelling to luxurious locales most of us couldn’t even afford a free brochure to, so expect to see sun, sea, sand and snow all in the one evening!

To all of you planning to contribute a film please ensure that it does NOT exceed the 10 MINUTE time limit. One second longer and you’ll be forced to pay a penance of listening to the Jedward CD on endless loop for a week! If you are bringing a film, please reply to this post in the comments section below (with run time, format, etc) as it makes things a lot easier to plan for time when knowing how many films will be screened.

Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday!

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  1. Like the scenes behind the heading Lee, went to Pisa in 1965 but not luxurious, we slept in the back of our estate car!!

  2. I expect to bring at least one film, if you are unlucky I might have two!! each 16:9 DVD 5 mins max

  3. Re Holiday Films: I’ll bring two films in case you run short- Hot Air Balloon flight over Arizona (5 mins – 4:3) and Copenhagen Canal Cruise (6 mins – 16:9)

  4. As promised we were taken around the world last night in our annual look at club members’ holiday films.

    Pat Palmer kicked things off with “Postcards From Thailand” an old VHS film of hers which she transferred to DVD.

    We moved West for our next film as Brian Pfeiffer took us on a “Copenhagen Canal Tour” before Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson lead us Down Under for “Lunch With Loriketts”,in which he shared his midday meal with a couple of birds, which explains the black eye Marion apparently gave him!

    Barbara “Cakes” Darby revisited “Victoria Falls” before Mr. Pfeiffer returned for a “Hot Air Balloon Trip over Arizona”.

    Pat Palmer’s second film of the evening looked at the Thai festival of “Yi Peng” before our Chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker brought us back home to meet “Portland Bill”.

    To close the evening by (un)popular demand we saw two of Simon’s old shorts – a checked pair and a white pair in need of a wash. We also saw two old films of his “Cows” and “Flying Machine”.

    Check back in 12 months time to see how far away club members ventured with their cameras in 2014!

  5. A disappointing number I films, I thought,but it did us a chance to discuss various aspects of film making and an opportunity to exchange ideas. An entertaining evening.

  6. I was thoroughly entertained by the films we did see and I thank all the contributors for showing us that holiday films need not be long, tedious or self indulgent. In fact in the hands of a skilful film maker they can be mini masterpieces.
    Well done All.
    Now get busy with project ‘Silent’:)

  7. Although not many members were there it was a most enjoyable evening. I suppose there are a lot of the members away somewhere warm making films for us to enjoy next January.

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