OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday Jan 17th 2012

As the icy grip of the winter chill maintains its firm hold on us mere mortals we here at OVFM have the perfect antidote – a look back at the recent holidays our members enjoyed in sunnier climes.

Holiday films have a tendency to be dull, listless and often unable to fully represent the atmosphere and  magic of the location – in the wrong hands of course. We here at OVFM however know all the tricks and thus can transport you into the middle of the tropical sun, the snowy mountains or the vibrant green countryside, allowing you to feel the heat of the Mediterranean sun, smell the aromas of an Asian food stall and submit to the passion and energy of a Latin carnival – a small example of just some of the various adventures our members have captured on film during their visits in the name of relaxation and sightseeing.

Or it might just be shots of old people in ill-fitting shorts and tops wandering around aimlessly in some crowded foreign street being laughed at by the locals because our country’s economy is in a worse state than Keith Richards’s liver!

Come see for yourself this Tuesday!


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  1. If anyone wants to enhance the viewing experience of their particular holiday film by bringing along some themed refreshments (vegetarian of course) I for one would be very warmly inclined towards the evening!

  2. Thanks Freddy.

    Last night saw six films in our OVFM world trip.

    First up was one of the Barbara Darby’s “Working Holiday”, a look at her artistic makeover of her family’s backyard bar in Australia.

    Bob Wyeth then took us for “A Sail On Lake Como” taking in the sights of Italy along the way.

    Next Alan Smith pointed out that New Zealand was “Not A bit Like The M25” with a star turn from his exhibitionist wife Cherie.

    Andy Watson was our tour guide for our second trip Down Under with a look around “Sydney Aquarium”.

    Last night’s host Mike Turner (standing in for chairman Chris Coulson who was in hiding after finding some split ends in his hair)shared an edit of his epic film entitled “Poland 2011”. Unfortunately Mike never said where it was filmed…

    Finally Derek Allen presented a short film from a trip to the US entitled “On Golden Pond” which saw him served with a copyright infringement lawsuit by Universal Pictures.

    And just when we thought it was safe, Alan Smith presented us with a bonus treat: a video of the entertainment from the 2011 Xmas Social! For those of us who tried desperately to forget, we were given the opportunity to relive Mike Turner and Co.’s “Dead Santa” sketch and the SugarBoobs’ seasonal musical number “Rudolph The Red Nosed Alcoholic”.

    Anyway, that’s what you missed last night.

  3. Hi Lee, I’ve been racking my brain and after considerable thought I’m pretty sure Mike T’s film ‘Poland 2011’ was filmed in the glorious Cotswolds.
    Such a lovely part of the country, I look forward to seeing more of Mike’s visit there.

    And I’m sorry to be pedantic Lee, but I think you’ll find that the Sugarboob’s song was that festive classic ‘Frosty the Taxman’.

    Ahh memories!

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