OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday February 3rd 2015



This week’s meeting will incorporate one of our rare special project evening as we attempt to make a film in one night!

That’s quite a tall order for a two hour session but we’ve done it before – you may recall the last time where Sam provided us with a number of objects and one line of dialogue to be included for continuity – and I am sure we can do it again.

As for the specifics, I cannot share them with you as they remain firmly locked in the head of our Vice Chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown and we all know what a scary place that can be!

Joking aside Sam has conceived some very interesting one night projects for us before and I am sure he will do so again. So, if you are prepared to head into the unknown under the guidance of our Vice Captain then be sure to present this Tuesday evening!

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    In fact the details of Tuesday’s meeting are locked up in MY head and in fact I will be trying a different approach to producing a film (or indeed films) in an evening.

    I’ll say no more now except to encourage you all to come prepared to be imaginative and creative and ready to have fun!

      1. Hi All,
        It was a tall order but the loyal club members who braved the cold last night did stirling film making work.

        There was brain storming, there was character acting, there was dramatic lighting and there were regional accents aplenty!

        The films? Well you’ll just have to wait and see!

        1. I don’t know what it was like for Team B but in Team A we had a number of creative voices all fighting to be heard, yet we managed to get something out of it in the end.

          One has to wonder if there is room for a “Film In A Day” project? Imagine the results if more time was allotted to it?

          1. My thoughts precisely. Loads of ideas, but not enough time. On team B we eventually fell into getting something (exactly what remains to be seen) on tape.

            It was a good evening though and personally I learnt a lot!

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