“It’s a mystery! Oh it’s a mystery”

Toyah Wilcox sung those words back in 1981 and who would have thought they would be applicable to an OVFM club meeting in 2017?

If you consult the calendar on this site you will see that the original plan for this meeting was to have been devoted to an idea from Colin “Colin” Jones which would have involved the help of Professor Mike Shaw, but since Mike has been waylaid from partying too much, Colin has decided to postpone this project until a alter date when mike is well again to participate.

So, what has our committee, the Legion Of Doom, proposed as a substitution for this evening? Well, THAT is the mystery. Ideas have been bandied about including Brenda and Roger Wheatley’s naked fan dance, an excerpt from Freddy Beard’s one woman show Club Secretaries Prefer Blondes and Ian Menage reading some of his erotic poetry with interpretive mime performed by Basil Doody.

Rest assured by the time Tuesday rolls around something would have agreed upon and there will be an entertaining evening awaiting you all, but find out what exactly is in store you’ll have to show up on Tuesday and see for yourself!

And don’t forget to get your tickets for the Spring Show and the upcoming Triangle Competition 2017 next Friday!

See you then!