The next club meeting is dedicated to sharing the results from you, our dear OVFM members, of the latest project entitled “Mobile”.

For anyone who may have forgotten the full details of what is required can be found HERE but I am sure you have all been hard at work putting ideas together and giving your camera another workout to produce some prime gems for us to enjoy this coming Tuesday evening..

As always could we ask that you PLEASE reply to this post below if you are bringing a film, listing the format, run time and picture ratio. This is crucial in helping us to plan the evening time wise and to ensure we have sufficient material for the whole session, so your co-operation is very much appreciated.

Project evenings are a fun way to see just how inventive club members can be in interpreting a certain theme or topic, resulting in a variety of films and ideas being put forward and this one should be no different.

Join us this coming Tuesday to see what delights await!


  1. Although most of you have seen it before, I might bring my old film “Looking For Dave”, which is about a mobile phone, as a back up in case we are short on entries. DVD, 4:3, 1min 20secs.

  2. Hope to be there, if the coach from Poland is not held up by refugees. Hope you see loads of entries!

  3. From Colin Jones:

    “Yes, I will bring an 8 min film 4×3 format on DVD.
    It’s one of those films I had forgotten about and left uncared for until I rediscovered the raw footage and thought it might be worth editing.
    And also:
    An early very short one featuring Basil and called ‘Phone Mobility’ “

  4. We also hope to bring a film. It isn’t shot yet but we’re full of good intentions!
    Most likely under two minutes, DVD, 16:9.

  5. “Mobile” was going to be an interesting subject for the creative minds of OVFM to interpret and we had a rather diverse set of films, although the obvious one was limited to just two films (including from yours truly).

    Bob Wyeth kicked of the evening with “Bob’s Mobile”, a look at a road trip through the windscreen of a motor-home, followed by Andy Watson’s “Mondail Mobility”, a compilation of people, vehicles and animals in motion. Lady Annabelle and Reg “Bomber” Lancaster joined forces for “Free Of Charge” (the other phone related film) followed by Jim Morten Robertson’s “Getting Around”, a quick look at the various modes of transport available to humankind. Jim also provided a back up film “Ostrich Farm”, set in a place where large emu like birds live.

    Barbara “Cakes” Darby also supplied two films – her on topic film was “Nature’s Mobility”, another compendium clip this time featuring members of the animal world, while her back up film introduced us to the “Paso Horses” of South America. Completing the Kemsing Mafia’s dominance of the evening, Jane Oliver also shared two films with us – “Welcome To Sydney”, a look at the wildlife Down Under and “What Goes Up, Must Come Down”, a film which demonstrates some of the traditional rites of passage we had as kids are still alive and well in today’s toddler!

    My classic short “Looking For Dave” was screened and surprisingly got the best response yet after five years and at least four previous screenings, which means either I have created an evergreen joke or it’s just taken everyone else this long to get it! John Bunce was up next with “La Donna E Mobile”, a tale of boy, a motorised scooter and a meddling grandfather.

    Hugh Darrington shocked us all by knowing who Johnny Cash was by using his classic song “Daddy Sang Bass” for his animated entry and the evening was brought to a close with “children” by Barbara Walker and starred a group of bemused Chinese toddlers who will no doubt be our overlords in a few years time.

    One of the better responded project evenings in quite a while, thanks to everyone who submitted a film (You’re welcome! – ED) and lets hope the next one yields a similar awakening of creativity from our club members.

  6. I really enjoyed travelling around the world with mobile people in Scotland, Japan, China, Africa, Australia and goodness knows where else. Anabelle’s trouble with finding a useable vacant phone point happens in this household quite frequently. Well done everyone.

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