OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 6th 2013




OVFM Advert II


This week’s club meeting is another project evening and a follow-up on one from 2011, where we asked you to create some promo clips that will hopefully encourage and entice new comers to join our humble group. Unlike making a short film for entertainment purposes this is a chance to show off your persuasive skills and selling techniques and OVFM is the product you have to sell to the many amateur filmmakers in the Orpington and surrounding area who have yet to learn about our existence.

And if time is permitting, the results of the two recent Coaching Evening sessions will be screened for our delectation and discussion.

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  1. Last night was a great example of real club activity. Hosted by our chairman Simon, the evening contained examples of group filming/acting and directing, warts and all! Congratulations to all who took part. Ian had organised the training sessions and we had the pleasure of watching the end results on screen. A good worthwhile club evening. The meetings are too far from home for us to get to all events, in fact, just as we were leaving, Ian asked me how long it took to drive home, I replied about an hour. WRONG! Last night, part of the M20 was closed and we did not get home until just before midnight. We will be back if only to witness the progress of our chairman’s efforts to build up enthusiasm for events within our club. Great stuff Simon! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Alan & Cherie,
      What a rotten journey home! Hopefully you had a nice portion of chips to sustain you.

      I was very impressed by the contributions from John, Bob, David, Mike and Pat for Project Advert (forgive me if I left anyone off the list), all were very entertaining and imaginative.
      The various edits of the Coaching Evenings films, by Ian, David, John et al were also fascinating to see as they demonstrated what could be achieved by editing the same material in different ways. The behind the scenes film by John was also revealing…perhaps a little TOO revealing!
      Thanks to all.

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