OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 4th 2015



The highlight of the summer for many in OVFM is getting away from this dreary country of ours and experiencing the delights and wonders of other societies where the sun is likely to be on display for more than a few minutes and the company is usually pleasant and welcoming.

Those who choose to stay behind have to pay for their sins by attending the annual OVFM Garden Party!

Playing the role of host this year is club treasurer David “Off-Shore Account” Laker and his diamond encrusted wife Carole, whose address can be found in the Member’s Only section of this site (so be sure you are logged in to see it).

As ever, because the weather can never make up its bloody mind, attendees are requested to descend upon Chez Laker at 7:00pm for 7:15pm start. This is to ensure that meals are eaten while it is still light and the air is pleasant and breezy. If you arrive late you will be locked out and have to eat the grass on the verge instead.

Speaking of which, David asks that no-one park their cars on said verge as somebody once did in 1968 and the planets in our solar system fell out of alignment for three hours. Obviously we don’t want that happening again so please bear this in mind if you are arriving by car.

Since David is only providing the location, you are advised to bring your own plates, cutlery, glasses, condiments, drinks, chairs, tables, hesitation, repetition, deviation and repetition. Coffee and tea will be served as per normal but it is up to you if you drink it or not.

By now you should have all submitted your choice of meal via the form Freddy passed round at the last few club meetings. If you didn’t attend those meetings then you wouldn’t have seen the form thus this paragraph is irrelevant to you.

As host David is also obliged to provide some form of entertainment to liven things up a little bit. Two year ago David hosted a table tennis tournament which garnered quite a response from club members, but despite that, it is rumoured he is bringing it back again this year! Alongside this, other party games will be wheeled out for your amusement including Naked Twister, Pin The Tail On The Warthog, Hide And Seek And Destroy, Five-A-Side Kerplunk, British Bullfrog and Knock Up Ginger (Biggles Edition).

OVFM Garden Parties are a unique experience it has been said, least of all by those who attend them but don’t take my word for it, just ask the SAS who are on call every year exclusively to deal with the rowdiness that ensues at one of our get-togethers.

You have been warned!

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  1. Very amusing Lee.
    Brilliant in fact, I don’t know how you think these comments up. Wish I had your talent.

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