OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 30th 2011



This week’s meeting will take the form of a practical night where our esteemed chairman and other club members (or Google if things get too tough) will share with us their immense knowledge and experience on a particular film making method.

The subject of this seminar was requested by Robert “Bob” Wyeth who wrote:


“Dear Jim,

Please could you fix it for me to trapped in a lift with Kelly Brook for four hours or however long it takes before my heart gives in? If this is not possible, do you know anything about green screen filming instead?


Robert “Bob” Wyeth

Aged “Over 21”


Well, as it happens, gays and gals, I do know someone who can help you with your green screen filming request and he’ll be on hand with his gear including Pinnacle editing software to take us through this procedure on Tuesday night at the next OVFM club meeting! As for the other request Kelly said she can do a week on Thursday. In the meantime, here is Showaddywaddy!

See you Tuesday folks!!