OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 30th 2013




For this week’s club meeting  we look forward to seeing the results of your hard labour in creating a film that fits the theme of “Two Words” as suggest by moi. If you should still need a reminder after the three months of heavy promotion of what this entails the details can be found HERE But I am sure that is not the case and you’ve all been beavering away to create something rather wonderful to share with us all, just as I have, which I am sure you are all aware of anyway.

As always we ask that those you who will be submitting a film to please reply to this post below saying as much so we have a rough idea of how the time allotment for this session will play out.

Also could you please include the following information with your submission:

Film Title

Your Name

Running Time

Aspect Ratio (4:3 or 16:9)

This simple act of cooperation makes all the difference  for our archivists and programme compilers and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much and see you on Tuesday!

7 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 30th 2013”

    1. Well done Alan.
      Do you mind if we show it at 1/10 speed in case you and Lee are the only contributors and we need to make it last?!

  1. Well in that case I’m going to polish up my top hat, dust off my cane and do my song and dance routine!

  2. After what seems like an eternity since the project was first announced the night of the “Two Words” finally arrived and this session also marked the first club meeting under the aegis of our new chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker.

    We had five films in response to the project theme and three bonus films.

    First up was “Two Words” from Alan Smith with a demonstration his aptitude with all things sharp. Never meet this man in a dark alley at night…

    Next was “Bird Song” from a returning Bob Wyeth who should be disqualified as the birds in his film tweeted and whistled a lot but never said one words let alone two! 😛

    The third film came from a newcomer to the club, Nick Kasper, whose “Two Words” were “Bike Race”. If anything Nick proved he has good taste in music! Welcome aboard Nick!

    Our new chairman provided the next film “Illuminating The Darkness”. While Simon takes some great photos, here he was just taking the…

    The final film for the project portion of the evening was “Two Little Words” from Your Truly. Please, hold your applause.

    With some time to spare in the second half of the evening, we were treated to some extra films. The first was a BIAFF winning film “Olympic London” by John Astin (not the famous TV star of The Addams Family or Batman).

    The evening concluded with two films from the archives of our very own Barbara “Cakes” Darby who shared with us “Tram Museum” and “Victoria Falls”. I hope Victoria wasn’t seriously hurt.

    As always a good night was had by most of us! 😛

    1. Well done to everyone who had a go.
      An ecletic mix as you might say!
      Lee…the first rule of comedy is…eh…um…ah…timing!
      You’ve either got it or…

      ps. Lee your ‘Two Little Words’ film was an EXCELLENT mini drama IMHO.

      1. Thanks Simon but it worked due to your excellent camerawork playing a huge part in bringing my vision to life. 🙂

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