OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 29th 2014



Okay folks it’s deadline time! The night has finally arrived where the fruits of your labours are shared with the rest of the club for our latest project evening and our first one for 2014 on the theme of GREEN!


Since we gave you notice about this topic many months ago hopefully you have all been busy in that time, pondering your take on”Green” and translating those thoughts onto film. We all know what a creative and inventive bunch we have among our ranks so I’m sure we can expect a varied and esoteric selection of films! to behold!


If you do have a film then please reply to this post below, letting us know the runtime and format, as this helps with planning out the evening’s activities.


Also, our chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker is unable to join us this week so the hosting duties will be undertaken by someone else. Who could possibly fill Simon’s illustrious shoes? A Hollywood star? A major TV presenter? A talking rabbit? None of the Above? You’ll have to come along and find out, won’t you?


See you all on Tuesday!

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  1. Much to my surprise, I have a video. It’s very short and you’ll miss it if you blink!

  2. Pat & I may have a film. It runs for just over 1 min. Pat is in the process of editing it, so if it is finished in time we will bring it along.

  3. Last night saw the results of your handiwork for our latest project theme “Green”.

    First thanks to vice chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown for stepping in as host for the evening in Simon’s absence.

    For the project itself we had eight new films and two from the archive.

    The evening opened with “Lisa’s Fantasy”, a collaboration between Pat Palmer and Brenda Wheatley, and starring the tireless Freddy Beard in the titular role!

    Next was “Grass Growing”, a (very) short animation from Andy “Elementary My Dear” Watson followed by an entry from Barbara “Cakes” Darby, elusively title “Green”, reflecting on the many shades this colour possesses.

    Jim Morton Robertson double header was next – first up was the “Gardens of Loire Valley” about his front lawn then a “Green Screen Test” feature, made alongside his fellow members of the Kemsing Mafia, to give us a taster of how the green screen process works.

    Lady Annabelle of Lancaster took us on a trip round “Green St. Green” (where I spent the first few years of my life incidentally) before The Eptons shared with us another look at green screen applications to filming in “Green Screen Seen”.

    The final new film was “Growing Hyacinths” from Colin “Colin” Jones which was about flowers.

    Our first dip into the archives was “Chroma Key” from Basil Doody, providing a humorous tutorial on how to sue green (or in this case blue) screen. To concluded the project themed films, a drama from yesteryear entitled “The Green Room” from the Jerry Atricks was shown.

    As most of the project films were short, The Eptons shared with us the film they made for the Harris Hospice Care group to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

    Then some of us stacked away the chairs while others stood around talking as usual until they were thrown out by the caretaker.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted a film and we look forward to seeing your work again on future project evenings! 🙂

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