OVFM Club Meeting October 28th 2014


This week’s club meeting will feature a tutorial on the basics of Stop Motion Animation courtesy of our chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker!

Here’s Simon with a brief overview of what we can expect:

“I will regale the club with my knowledge and experience of the ever popular cinematic technique of stop motion animation.

So that’s the first five minutes taken care of, what shall we do for the rest of the evening?!

Seriously though I hope to demonstrate that stop motion animation is simple, requires only basic equipment and easy to find props and yet can be fun to do and even more fun to watch.

I’ll have some stop motion animations to show and I’ll be attempting to make a very short example during the space of the evening…fingers crossed!
So come armed with a small prop and you might find it starring in the film.  “

So if you’ve any ambitions of being the next Ray Harryhausen or Nick Park then be sure to pop along to the meeting next Tuesday evening for what promises to be an interesting and educational session!

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  1. Thanks Simon for an informative and educational evening, and to Sam for being a brave volunteer for the practical part of the session! 🙂

    1. Hi Lee
      Mike has gamely taken some of the stills from the practical session and promises that if we all cross our fingers, close our eyes and make a wish, he’ll try to do some magic with them and show us the results!

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