OVFM Annual Dinner 2017



We’re very sorry to announce that we’ve had to cancel the annual club dinner due to insufficient support.

Peggy will return all payments at the next club meeting.

Thank you.

9 Replies to “OVFM Annual Dinner 2017”

  1. Sad to read about the cancellation. We hope this is not a sign of declining interest. We always enjoyed the dinners in wonderful company. Very much a part of the club environment that is quite rare these days.

  2. I too am sorry that the event has been cancelled, but it was the venue that put me off……!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you have got to cancel the dinner, i’ve never known that to happen before. Not that I ever went because of my diabetes.
    I’m seriously thinking of given up my membership as I don’t enjoy driving these days, especially at night. My hands shake so much I can’t hold a camera anymore.
    So come to the AGM i’ll be gone.
    Good luck to everyone
    Kind regards

  4. Perhaps we should consider a different time of year, or even a lunch, as several people don’t like driving at night, especially down country lanes.
    Two members have kindly come up with alternative suggestions but I think it’s up to the committee now, to discuss the situation.
    PLEASE don’t abandon us Bob! We’d miss you too much.

    1. I agree That we should not drop the annual event and a different time of year or lunch seems to me a good idea. The only comment I would make is that likely lunch venues always seem to be full of ‘old people’ …………..!

    2. There’s always the fish and chip shop next door to St Augustin’s!
      I’ve thought hard Annabelle and I know I’ll miss you all as you appear to be missing me but coming up to 83 I think it’s time to go. Nursing another cold at the moment and trying heard not to get it on my chest as seems to be my want.

  5. Careful young Andy! I speak as a member of the group who take over all the lunchtime venues. We often drive to Hastings amongst other non local venues within an hours drive for lunch and due to the fact that I am only 84 everyone still seems to look young to me.

  6. At least they do go out for lunch and anyway, it isn’t healthy to even think about being old!!

    1. I do not count any of you as old. But I know, as I am sure you do, some people several years younger who are definitely OLD. It’s all in the mind…

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