New OVFM Project – Valentines



Love is in the air

Every sight and every sound


Rather apt lyric there from John Paul Young’s 1977 classic disco hit Love Is In The Air where OVFM is concerned as the next project the Legion Of Doom have come up with for us is Valentines.

Yes, that annual event where consumer outlets persuade the gullible loved up fools among us to part with their money to shower their partners with meaningless, disposable tat in the name of romance, whilst rubbing it in the faces of us lonely singletons with unsubtle reminders of how empty and pointless our lives are.

Or maybe you have a different idea about what February 14th means? Perhaps there is a twist on the name “valentine” you have thought of but we haven’?t If so, dig out your camera, film something and show it to the rest of us at the club meeting on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 7TH!!

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your films in a month’s time!