New OVFM Project – “Two Words”



It’s time for another project and this one was suggested by…erm…Me!

The genesis of this was an idea I had for short film many moons ago, when this was all fields and we used to walk twenty miles to school in bare feet through the snow carrying our milk in our hands, about the power and effectiveness of just two simple little words. I then decided that everyone else in the film should have dialogue of just two words as well to get the point across – or drive it home with the subtlety of a sledgehammer, take your pick!

Anyhoo, come the AGM last year and when suggestions were requested I dug this old idea out of the archives and proffered it to the Legion of Doom and the rest of the club. Fast forward to now and this little old idea of mine is now an official OVFM Project theme!

While I had a definite idea of my own as to what I wanted my two word lines for, everyone else is of course free to interpret this as they see fit – as long as the dialogue doesn’t exceed two words naturally. Whether the whole cast is bound by this or you leave it up to just one character is up to you! Drama, comedy, animation, one minute or five minutes long – your decision! Just keep it clean and don’t nick my script idea!!

The closing date – i.e the night we will be screening the completed films – is Tuesday April 30th which gives you just over three months to get something together.

Could we also ask that when films are submitted you include your name, the title, picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3) and running time somewhere on the discs/cover? It’s a huge help for the club’s film and archive records. And if you have any specific instructions re: sound please let the projectionist know ahead of time. Many thanks.

Good luck and we all look forward to seeing your films!