New OVFM Project – “Surprise Surprise”



Our first project for 2013 was suggested by John Ransley.

The theme should be pretty self explanatory but is is really that simple? Surprises come in many forms – a surprise birthday party, a present one didn’t expect, an underdog victory in a sports event, friends or family members being reunited after a number of years – or maybe a film with an ending no-one was expecting….

While I am sure John has his own ideas when he suggested this theme as you can see, the possibilities are wide and fertile.

The closing date – i.e the night we will be screening the completed films – is Tuesday February 19th which gives you just over a month to get something together.

Could we also ask that when films are submitted you include your name, the title, picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3) and running time somewhere on the discs/cover? It’s a huge help for the club’s film and archive records. And if you have any specific instructions re: sound please let the projectionist know ahead of time. Many thanks.

Good luck and we all look forward to seeing your films!

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