It’s project time once again and the subject chosen for this particular occasion is a rather appropriate one as we head into a new season – Spring! Then again “Spring” doesn’t have to reflect the change in the weather – it could refer to the tiny piece of coiled metal, or it might reference “springing” a surprise on someone, or perhaps someone athletic jumping from a “spring” board (parkour and the such).

Maybe you have a completely different interpretation which is exactly what these projects are all about. Remember they won’t be judged like a Top Ten film so the emphasis is on having fun when making your films and simply entertaining your peers. And don’t forget you can ask your fellow club members for help if you lack certain production facets or manpower, and club equipment is available on request from our chairman Simon “Snapper” Earwicker.

The closing date for this project is Tuesday April 26th  so you have a bit of time to get your thinking caps on and put something together for us.

Good luck!