Mini Autumn Show Newsreel Request


If you recall earlier this year that Lady Annabelle of Lancaster requested footage from the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations that took place locally for the 2016 Newsreel to be featured as a part of the 2017 Spring Show.


However the Legion of Doom have decided that a mini-Showreel dedicated to these events should be a part of the upcoming Autumn show on October 14th. Therefore could we ask anyone who has footage shot during the celebrations – along with anything related to the EU Referendum or the Battle of Somme Remembrance – IN ROUGHLY EDITED FORM ONLY to please contact either Annabelle,  Ian Menage or David Laker to arrange to have your clips included in the final Newsreel programme.

We are a little pressed for time so the next club meeting on Tuesday 30th August is the deadline for providing your footage in person.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.