1. Some interesting and very different films.

    I love the use of lighting in “A drop of water”.

    Whoever has a drone like that, once we are allowed out I’d love to head out and capture some aerial shots of places with you some time…. I’ve got a cheap drone which doesn’t control very easily (not sure if I just need practise).

    1. A Drop of Water was by Mike Graham, a long time club member with an eye for the artistic and avant garde. There are a few of his films in the club archive that illustrate this.

      That drone film was Jane Oliver’s, although I don’t know if that is actually her own drone or one she hired.

  2. There is something hypnotic and charming about Jane’s drone film.

    As I recall, not always accurately, this was an update of a film from Jane, in the same area, at ground level !

    That lazy, elegant journey, with the drone, across the Devon countryside, with that music, reminds me of the hundreds of hours I spent in the South West – BUT NO MORE!


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