It’s project time again folks, but on this occasion there is half the work for you to do. Yes, it’s another editing project.

Our soon-to-be erstwhile Vince Chairman Sam Brown has been out and about with his camera filming bits and bobs which he has now collated and made available for us to pick the bones out of and see if we can come up with a coherent narrative for a film with them.

Now, this can come in any format you like – a piece set to music, a faux advert, a humorous collage, the basis for a poem and short story using the imagery, whatever you can come up with. It sounds like a challenging task but at OVFM we never back down from a challenge!

The files are available now an can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Via Filezilla in the folder marked “To Everyone” inside which there is subfolder named “From Sam Brown”. Look for a zip/rar file entitled “”
  2. From Sam himself via e-mail at who will send you a link to the WeTransfer site where you can download the file from there.

N.B – The file is 1.81Gb therefore download time will be dependant on your internet speeds.

From Filezilla the maximum download speed I got was approximately 730kbps so it took me around 30 minutes plus to download.

Using WeTransfer means you’ll be downloading through your internet browser, and being hosted on their server where speeds are unfettered, it will be much quicker! At 8.0mbps it took me less than 4 minutes to download.

The deadline for this project is the screening date which is set for Tuesday April 23rd so you have roughly a month to put something together!

A big thank you to Sam for providing the clips for us and good luck to everyone who has a go at this project! We look forward to seeing the results on April 23rd!