‘Deception’ the background story

OVFM is an eclectic mix of people of all ages, abilities and interests and consequently the films made by OVFM members reflect that variety.

Two relative youngsters associated with OVFM are Vice-chairman Sam Brown and his friend and colleague Adam Beveridge. The two of them have collaborated on many projects and have received well deserved critical acclaim for their work.

Their period thriller ‘Deception’ was one of Adam and Sam’s first feature length films. Involving location shoots, costumes, authentic props and special effects it is undoubtedly a work of great talent.

Scroll through the images to read about ‘Deception’ in Adam and Sam’s own words and to see photos from the shoot at the amazing Chatham Historic Dockyard. You may recognize the warehouse building as it has been used in several big budget movies.

Simon Earwicker

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    1. Hi Bob
      I’ll ask Sam if it is available or if he has any plans to put the film online.
      As it’s feature length it has not been included in any OVFM public shows to the best of my knowledge, however it certainly deserves to reach a wide audience.

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