Coaching Returns, Fan Fabby Flozzie…Let’s Film!

Day Two and the housemates are in a filming state of mind.

It’s Tuesday 24th January 2012 and as a shaft of golden sunlight picks out the gold braid stripes on Captain Lee’s uniform his eager crew gather for their early morning briefing.

Alas My Heart doth Flutter like a Butterfly’s wings

“Well team, we have a Big Day ahead of us. As you know today we do the actual filming for the OVFM Coaching Course Movie (unlike yesterday when we only rehearsed, no really, it was just the rehearsal, any filming you may have thought you’d seen was just your imagination, understood!)”

Lights, Camera, Sound, Action…I say…ACTION!

Lee struck an inspiring image and his rousing voice soon whipped the crowd into paroxysms of enthusiasm for the task ahead.

Roarke and Mike pull a Cracker

“OVFMers! Lend me your ears, lend me your hearts…lend me a tenner! Today we band, we merry band stand on the frontier of history. Ask not what the Club can do for but what you can do for the Club. Let us rise as one and take up our mighty camcorders and go forth to smite those that dare stand in our way. Cry out for Film, for Video, and for Freddy! And remember people there’s no i in team…but there is a heck of a lot of t in China. Ich Bien Ein OVFMer. ”

Barbara gives the men a lesson in thermo dynamics

    Suitably motivated team work did indeed prevail throughout the day. When John Epton (who’s not blessed with the most technically minded brain) struggled to set up a piece of equipment to Lee’s exacting standard Barbara Walker was there immediately to show him how by adjusting the electro reostat to eleven and routing the power through the auxillary thermal shunt gate an effective adjustment in output of five millimicro amps could be achieved. Later it turned out an inverted coffee cup worked just as well!

The Ferret Breeders Question Time Panel

Being a period production historic costumes were de rigueur, with enough flat caps on display to make the casual observer imagine they must have inadvertently stumbled into a meeting of the Union of Flat Cap Wearers, Pigeon Fanciers, Tripe Eaters and Amalgamated Trades. Oh and there were plenty of head scarves too.

If only I could remember why I’m here

With laughter lubricating the wheels of productivity like big dollops of grease mixed with butter and then liberally drizzled with really slippery extra, extra, extra virgin olive oil and then served up on giant banana skins, it was not long before the comprehensive shot list was accomplished with aplomb, panache, je ne sais quoi and ahead of shedule to boot…F.A.B. Lee!

Mike and Ian demonstrate their expert grasp of non-verbal communication

So now all that remains is to await the Grand Premier of this Grande Dame of Grand Prix winning potential Cinematico, I for one can’t wait!!

Clap Hands here comes Sue


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