Chris Goes To Romania!!


As some of you may or may not know, OVFM chairman Chris “Cats” Coulson is heading off to the not-so sunny climes of Romania, taking with him Anna Littler and a group of kids to offer aid to an orphanage (or maybe swap the Romanian kids for the UK kids).


Chris has decided that the whole world should know about his altruistic deed


Good luck to Chris, Anna and the gang on the trip and we look forward to not only seeing the videos but seeing them return in one piece!


April 3rd video:


April 4th video:


April 5th video:


April 6th video:


April 7th video:


April 8th video:


April 9th video:

6 Replies to “Chris Goes To Romania!!”

  1. Kats, Kalves and Kids – and Kindness to all of them –
    great experience for all the visitors,and us!thanks Khris

  2. Thanks very much to Lee for all your support at home for my adventures in Romania.

    it;s really nice to see comments on my films though… hint hint everyone! 🙂

  3. O Bearded One,
    I agree – Kats Kids Kalves, and Kruelty to Anna. Take good Kare of her and her Kreativity. Interesting looking trip.
    Vid sounds like you in a Force 10 gale, visuals looks like dead calm. New SFX?
    Safe home all.

  4. I was bery interested to see Chris’s adventure. Expected worse conditions at first but am glad something is being done in Romania to help the kids. I would have liked to have seen much more and more questions asked by Chris when they were out and about.
    I am sure all the kids on the trip were glad to go home to their luxury. It is important for them to have had this experience.

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