Blitz And Bananas – Part 2

An Epic Tale of an Epic Tale


Anna Littler

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PART 2 – TV actors ~ Brian Murphy and Linda Regan

It’s been such a pleasure and great fun to work with TV actors, Brian and Linda on Blitz and Bananas. They’ve been so generous with their time and skills. Even a couple of weeks before filming, when I met up with them to have a script chat, they had already taken time to get to know their characters well and they were so enthusiastic about the project. We had such a laugh as they tried on their costumes that I felt confident that we would have fun working with them! I’m so grateful that they kindly took time out from their very busy schedules to take part in the film.

It has also been a privilege for us to work with such experienced professionals, as I’m sure we all learned a lot from working with them.  On set they also entertained us greatly with their repartee in between takes!  (Much of it captured on film of course!)

The Farnborough shoot with Brian and Linda was probably our slickest operation! As always much planning helped, but having only 2 actors to film in 1 location made things considerably easier! Also having actors who remembered their lines and who did the same actions at the same time on each take showed they were pros!

Amanda, a University student, has helped me twice a week during August which has also made a huge difference, as it meant she was clued up before each shoot and could deal with the production side, so I could focus more on directing.  We had swift scene changes with props all ready waiting on trays. People timing scenes also helped us to stick to schedule. (I’ll write about this useful tip another time.)

We could have easily been deterred by the wasps, bright sunlight or other setbacks, but the team was so united that we found ways to deal with the obstacles, we kept focussed and even finished early enough to whizz over to Derek’s to film a scene outside his house. We ended the day with chocolate cake to celebrate Amanda’s 21st!

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