Pinnacle Studio User Group

The possibility of members working together to share experience and issues with specific cameras or editing software has been mooted for some time. In the discussion after the AGM I offered to set up a group for users of Pinnacle Studio editing software. The idea is that this would be a forum to raise queries, share experience and provide tips. For example, I certainly have issues with Studio where I can’t achieve what I want even though I know it should be possible and I’d welcome the regular opportunity to check whether others have a solution.

I’m not sure exactly how we would communicate but the expectation is that this would be by occasional meetings at each other’s houses so we have direct access to the software and by phone and email, with a log kept of points covered for future reference. It should not matter which specific version of Studio you are using so if you are interested in joining this group please let me know ( and I’ll fix an initial meeting.

Funding available for Club Films

Funding available for Club Films



As announced at the AGM, the committee has decided that we should provide funding to encourage members to make more club films, especially dramas.  Therefore, as long as club finances permit, a grant of up to £100 per film up to a total maximum of £300 per year will be provided for expenses on items such as hire of location or props. This will be available for the club’s financial year March – February and will be on a first come first served basis subject to approval.

To qualify as a club film, at least three members must be involved in the making of the film (not as actors or extras) and a short outline of the film and the purpose of the grant will need to be provided to the committee in advance.

If you would like any further information please contact me.

David Laker