The King is Dead….Long LiveThe King!!

OVFM has a new chairman and new look committee!

As you all should be aware by now, Cap’n Chris Coulson stepped down as Chairman of OVFM after three years in the position and ten years on the committee. Thus the AGM held on Tuesday April 16th 2013 was a pivotal one for the club as we saw the committee – aka the Legion Of Doom – receive its biggest shake up in quite some time.

Over the past few years the line-up of the committee has remained largely unchanged but with the sad passing of Vice-Chairman Mike Turner in September 2012, necessity brought about this first stage of change followed by Chris’s decision to stand down. As per the protocol of the election, every member of the committee, from top to bottom, was obliged to vacate their positions until the votes had been counted so no-one was guaranteed their seat until the votes were counted. With two nominees for the vacant key seats already accepted by incumbent committee members, a position was now available for ordinary member leaving the field open for anyone to put themselves forward for nomination.

With the winds of change now sweeping through the club the votes were counted and the new committee announced. Going forward, here are the people who make up the new OVFM committee:


Chairman – Simon Earwicker

Vice Chairman – Sam Brown

Treasurer – David Laker

Secretary – Freddy Beard

Competitions Officer – Brenda Wheatley

Press Officer – Annabelle Lancaster *


Ordinary Members:

Reg Lancaster

Ian Menage

Lee Relph

Andy Watson


* Annabelle has agreed to remain as press officer but only for a short time until a replacement can be found either within the current committee or if someone else should wish to take on the role.

Our congratulations go to Simon “Snapper” Earwicker as he becomes the latest person to steer the good ship OVFM onwards and upwards through whatever choppy seas await us. I’m sure he’ll do a good job in following in the rather large footsteps Chris has left behind and of course we offer our thanks to Chris for his leadership and contribution as chairman over the past three years.

Please give Simon and the committee your full support and remember, they are there to make sure the club continues to remain a successful and active concern for all of us. If you have any queries, ideas, suggestions or concerns about the club feel free to let any of the above know so they can raise it on your behalf at the committee meetings.

Thanks for reading.