Coming hot on the heels of our Diamond Anniversary Show where we looked back over 60 years worth of film from OVFM, we have another film show lined up for this meeting, only this time we’re seeing what other UK film clubs are getting up to.

UNICA is an international film festival for amatuer filmmakers where each country submits a programme of films representing the work from clubs and individual filmmakers in friendly competition for judges awards. This year’s event took place in Blankso in the Czech Republic and the UK did well in a number of categories, including Best Young UNICA Film, although Sweden took home the prize for Most Interesting Programme.  You can read the full results HERE.

On this night, Reg & Annabelle Lancaster will be sharing with us some of the films that made it onto the UK programme from the 2017 UNICA festival (presumably because the 2018 disc is still in the post) which is an hour long collection of the cream of British amatuer  filmmaking. And to top off the evening they will be screening a few films from Croatia’s programme, to give us  flavour of what filmmakers are up to from other parts of the globe.

Presumably this will entail having to read subtitles. Cool people, like me, who watch tons of foreign language films (or hard of hearing people, like me, who have to have subtitles on everything they watch) will be okay – the rest of you’ll will just have to get used to it! 😛

There will be room for discussion about the films seen, which I hope will be as inspiring as  they are entertaining for you.

See you on Tuesday!

OVFM Club Meeting November 25th 2014



This week’s meeting will be made up of a screening of films from filmmakers outside of OVFM, all of which were entries in a recent UNICA competition. To tell us more about it is our club president and film guru Reg “Bomber” Lancaster:

“We have a light hearted programme of short films that illustrate the UK’s participation in the UNICA festival the World Cup of non professional movie making.

We also have a fascinating gem of a film from Luxembourg about a young lady’s journey through Luxembourg City to attend a film show. Beautifully shot, it has little touches to jolt your cinema memories of theme music, stars and genres.

There’ll be something to make us laugh, cry and wonder. It sounds so good we can’t wait for the next meeting! See you there.”

You heard the man – see you on Tuesday!