This week’s club meeting sees members given the chance to share with us the fruits of their labours in interpreting the theme “Moving”. You’ve had a few months since we first announced this project to think this over and whilst it is a difficult subject to tackle for a drama piece, there should be plenty of scope for observational pieces based on transport, people, animals etc.

Hopefully some of you will have risen to this challenge and have produced something for us to enjoy, but even if you only have a rough edit of a film, or the bare bones of an idea please bring it along and maybe we can offer some input to help you complete it.

As far as this being for the North vs South competition, things aren’t looking too positive at the moment unless a last minute saviour ride in on their white horse to rescue this long running competition from the abyss, but that shouldn’t deter us from making films pertaining to the chosen topic.

If you are bringing a film PLEASE reply to this post below, listing the format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB) run time and picture ratio (16:9. 4:3). The evening runs SO much smoother if we know ahead of time how many films we have to show and how much room to leave for discussion.

Also, don’t forget to get your tickets for the Kent Film Festival (Sept 23rd) from Ian Menage and our Autumn Film Show from Freddy Beard.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your efforts on Tuesday.


  1. I’ll have a 19 minute film for project ‘Moving’ – 16×9 as an mp4 file on a stick with a back up DVD.
    Having spoken to Andy, there will also be a couple of appropriate films from the Archive available if we are short of new films.

  2. I will be bringing a film. ‘Moving Moments’ 6mins 4×3 dvd.
    I have also, if you want it ‘Our Golden Day, a trip on the orient express which I made ten years ago 10 mins 4×3 DVD,
    Jim MR has given me ‘Tree Down’ 5m38s,16×9 dvd

  3. Film to theme ‘Moving’ for Tuesday 19th September 2017
    MP4; 16.9 ; twelve and a half minutes

  4. Lee
    Film for Tuesday, left at Barbara Darby’s as I won’t be there
    Memory stick
    12&half mins
    Wide Screen

  5. I have a stick with the shots I took of the cars at the Orpington bIG ‘O’ event this year but I haven’t been able to edit it. I have Movie Maker editing programme on my desk top but not sure how to work it,sorry.

  6. If there is one thing about our club members is that they can’t resist a challenge and this was exemplified in the way that the theme of “moving” was interpreted, with 8 films submitted last night in response.

    First up was Colin Jones with “Floral Concert”, charting the growth of a pot plant to music, which was followed by a film from an outside source entitled “Moving Space”, an arty piece from Germany featuring stone carvings.

    A double attack of the Barbaras next as Barbara Walker shared footage of a “Lone Spitfire” then Barbara Darby provide a typically unique twist on the topic with “Moving Moments” which took a reflective look at Barbara’s family “moving” to Australia (see what she did there?). Fellow Kemsing Mafia member Jim Morten-Robertson related the tale of a tree damaged in the 1987 hurricane in Otford being cut down.

    Trevor Rogers took us on a journey on the DLR as shown from the driver’s seat then in another interesting interpretation, David Laker and John Epton revealed the secrets behind the animated segments of their recent “History Of Orpington” film with their in-depth feature “Still Moving”.

    Closing the evening was a tribute to a four-legged friend of Jane Oliver’s named “Marmite” and finally, a sneak look an at unedited project by Brenda Wheatley, a relative newbie behind the camera despite a long tenure with the club.

    All in all another fascinating night as only OVFM can deliver! 🙂

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