It’s time for us to put what we’ve learned into action once again for another practical evening at OVFM. The program for this week’s meeting is outdoor filming.

Now, I know we can do this just be stepping into our own back gardens or walking down the street but this is about group participation, so those who are unsure about how to film in certain natural light situations, or need pointers on the way to frame landscape or vista shots or multi-coloured floral images can get some advice form the more experienced club members.

You might also learn about how to create particular in-camera effects through filming moving images like traffic, by adjusting shutter speeds or using different filters for when the light begins to ebb away. Or you could simply be asked to be the featured player in someone’s shoot if they have a flash of inspiration for a narrative film idea.

Of course we must add the disclaimer that this is dependent on how the weather plan to behave come this Tuesday. We might official be in the Summer months but that doesn’t mean Mr. Clouds and Mrs. Rain won’t put in an appearance and scupper our plans. If this should the case then I am sure a contingency plan has been formulated to ensure the evening is not wasted. What this may be I cannot say, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we hope we don’t have a repeat of last year’s OVFM Full Monty performance! I was still bleaching my eyes for days after that!

So, be sure to bring your cameras and join us for an evening of outdoor filming  – weather permitting – this coming Tuesday!