OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 7th 2015



You may recall a while back we gave notice about the next project theme of Park (full details can be found HERE) and now the time has come to for you share with us the fruits of your labours!

As with all of our themes for special projects such as this, we like to make them as nebulous and open to wide interpretation as possible, and if past projects are any indication, this is an area in which OVFM certainly excels! “Park” shouldn’t be any different so anticipation is high as to what diverse gems you have either dreamt up for this topic, or have pulled from your vast archive of films.

As planning and time management is vital to our club meetings we again ask if you could oblige us by please replying to this post below if you are bringing a film, letting us now the runtime, picture ratio and format. It is of tremendous help to have this information ahead of time.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your films on Tuesday! 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    I will be bringing along a 10 minute film which is in 4:3 format and is a DVD copy of a Super 8 film.

    Love & Kisses

    1. Mine is also 10 minutes long and a DVD copy of a super VHS film. Format will probably be a surprise!

      More Love and Kisses.

        1. Sorry, I guess I meant ‘aspect’.
          Blame the hot weather, although I see Mike is managing a 4:3 “format” 🙂

  2. I will have a couple of old ones to show, but not prepared for this topic. In other words just fill-ins. I will bring them along in case they are needed.

      1. And Reg is also bringing an old one!
        2 minutes – 16:9 (So’s you know 🙂 )
        It looks like a real archive evening.

  3. I realise this probably upsets all of your finely tuned plans but I will now be bringing a different film along. It’s still 10 minutes and in 4:3 format but it’s a DVD copy of a Mini Dv film and not a DVD copy of a Super 8 film. I shall whip myself severely as a punishment.

    Love and kisses

  4. Hi Lee,just finished my film for tomorrow night, sorry cant come but hopefully Jim will bring my film.
    Whiteman Park 2mins10sec

  5. Last night’s session saw a mixture of older films and a couple of new ones on the theme of “Park”, although just one film was the result of “thinking outside the box”.

    First up was a film shot in Australia entitled Whiteman Park, which gave us a glimpse of the unique animals indigenous Down Under.

    Lady Annabelle of Lancaster brought us a bit closer to home with her film about the Millennium Rock, a gift from Scotland to the people of Bromley.

    Mike & Jo Coad shared with us “Alexandra’s Story” before Reg “Bomber” Lancaster brought us some “Pistons In The Park”. I must confess I misheard the title and thought it was about public inebriation!

    A club film from the archives, headed by Bob Vine, “Car Park” was a great example of looking at the theme from a different angle.

    Colin Jones was up and early for a “Morning In The Park” which showed us how Priory Gardens looked a few decades ago.

    We had a Pat Palmer double bill, starting with “Walkies” followed by “Wonderful Wyoming” and after a replay of Jim Morton-Robertson’s “Central Park” film, we closed the evening with another film from Colin Jones, shot in “Kelsey Park”.

    Thanks to everyone who supplied a film and keep an eye out for the next club project! 🙂

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