Ding dong please don’t cry

It’s time for the Christmas Social

Just in case you haven’t heard why

It’s always controversial

Woah-oh-oh, Woah-oh-oh, Woah-oh-oh, Woah-oh-oh, Woah-oh-oh

Oh no, here comes the local police force!


The end of the year means we get to say goodbye to this humungous turd sandwich of a year that has been 2016 (making MEET DEXTER being my lone personal highlight) but first we need to allow ourselves a couple of hours off from worrying about Brexit, Trump’s America, train strikes, austerity and just who or what in the blue hell Honey G is supposed to be and instead revel in the merriment of the festivities of the season.

I’m talking of course about the OVFM Christmas Social a fun filled event (allegedly) held in the GARDEN ROOM in which OVFM club members are only in friendly competition against each other in the form of games and other playful activities. There will also be sustenance provided by Peggy (who hopefully won’t water down the orange squash too much this year) in the form of food while Lady Annabelle of Lancaster will make sure you are sorted for E’s and whizz behind the church building.

A quick note about entering the building this year. As always it will be through a door but, contrary to what was said at the last club meeting we shall enter the Garden Room directly and not through the Barnard Room. Hopefully you’ve all been to the Garden Room on enough club shoots and prior social events to know where this entrance is but for the amnesiacs among you, simply turn right when you get out of your car instead of walking straight ahead.

Last year many of us succumbed to the flu and were unable to attend this event so let’s hope that we all remain healthy enough for a god turn out this year – you never know, we may even get a rare sighting of the Lesser Spotted Snapper Earwicker!

Because I was among those who perished because the flu I could not bring my advertised film picture quiz to the social but fear not, barring a last minute outbreak of the apocalypse I shall be bringing it this year!

Music is another tradition of the Christmas social – we all remember John Bunce and his agit-prop punk trio The Colostomy Bags a few years back – and while I haven’t heard if we will have any singing this year, please bring your ear plugs just to be safe.

This meeting is also the last date for submitting your money and food choices to Peggy for the 2017 Annual Dinner and you are also requested to submit your films and entry forms to Brenda for the Annual Competition (make sure you are logged in to access this page).

If you are not going to attend this year for whatever reason then ignore everything that is written here and we’ll see you in the New Year instead.


  1. Hope everyone had fun last night. Thanks to everyone who joined in with my film picture quiz and to Simon for his devilishly hard lateral thinking quiz (9/10 and 14/18 for the time I was on).

    Thanks also to Peggy (who did water down the orange squash after all – we really need to have a word…) and her elves for the food and to David for his magic trick.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year to all OVFM members and their families.
    Hopefully the new Year will bring a huge crop of exciting new films for our competitions.
    Come on folk, lets have at least one film from each member this year.

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