Oh little club in Orpington

You’ve had a busy year

Now it’s time to let off steam

And revel in festive cheer!


Amazingly it has been a whole year since the last Christmas social – doesn’t time fly when you’re getting older? A lot has happened since then, from the club welcoming our first female Chairman in Jane Oliver to the progressive move of adopting files on USB sticks for screening films, with a healthy output behind the camera, especially in the latter half of the year.

But before that we put 2017 away in the filing cabinet of history, there is the small matter of this year’s Christmas Social, which, as ever, will be held at our usual venue but in the GARDEN ROOM. Hopefully we should be able to access the room via its own doors but if not, be prepared to take the long way round through the usual hall first –  you’ll find out soon enough on the night!

It wouldn’t be a social without food and this year we are indebted to Peggy and the handful of volunteers (hopefully you’ve filled in the form that went round) for providing the festive nosh! Entertainment will be courtesy of Brenda Wheatley who will bring a game/quiz, while yours truly will be bringing one of my never-popular movie quizzes to ruin your evening, so don’t forget to bring a pen with you.

Since this is Jane’s first social as Chairman she’ll no doubt want to put her own stamp on the proceedings but given she often has a quirky and esoteric approach to her films, we can only wonder if she has something rather wonderful to pull out of the hat for our amusement. I do have it on authority however that her celebrated snake dance is not on the menu, nor will Basil Doody and his Death Metal band Pancreatic Rust be giving us a tune or two either.

The only way to find out what is going down is to be at the Christmas Social this Tuesday evening!

P.S. – Festive attire is optional but clothing in general is mandatory (that means you, Andy!)


  1. ‘Never-popular’ Lee? We always appreciate whatever you produce for us, idiosyncrasies included!!

  2. Just to say a very big THANK YOU Lee for all the time and effort you put in to maintaining and updating this website.

    I do hope you have a most enjoyable time at Christmas.

    Best regards – Brian

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