OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday April 1st 2014 – The AGM



The next club meeting on Tuesday April 1st is no joke as we hold the annual OVFM AGM including Member’s Voices.

In a slight change, the meeting will take place at All Saints Church in Bark Hart Road, Orpington (where we have held previous meetings including the 2011 Oscars). If you need a reminder of how to get there please consult this map:


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For the uninitiated the purpose of this meeting is twofold: first, after we’ve heard the reports for the year 2013-14, we elect our committee members (aka the Legion Of Doom), be it via re-election of the current members or the election of new members as nominated by YOU. Remember the committee is not a self-serving body as some people may think; they operate on YOUR behalf so if you think it is time for a change then now is the time to step up or suggest someone who is willing to join. Hopefully you all made use of the nomination forms included in the last issue of the Viewfinder.

The current committee as it stands is as follows:


Chairman – Simon Earwicker

Vice Chairman – Sam Brown

Treasurer – David Laker

Secretary – Freddy Beard

Competitions Officer – Brenda Wheatley

Ordinary Members:

Reg Lancaster

Annabelle Lancaster

Ian Menage

Lee Relph

Andy Watson

*NB: Mike Shaw is our Press officer but is not a committee member as per the new rule added to the constitution in an EGM last year.

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Then we open the meeting up to the club members to air their views, grievances or make suggestions regarding OVFM. This is an equally important exercise as it gives you the opportunity to be heard. Whether you are unhappy about something, unsure about certain procedures or protocols, or you have an idea that would benefit the running of the club this is the time where you are encouraged to speak up.

I’m sure many of you have had a private moan either to your spouses at home or even to a fellow club member during the coffee break or away from the club gatherings but this helps no-one. If there is a problem or a concern the committee needs to know about it otherwise how can it be addressed and resolved? So please make the most of this opportunity to make YOUR voice heard; whether you are a new or a long time member, all opinions are valid!

To download the agenda in full for the meeting please click HERE.

Thanks for reading and see you on Tuesday.