OVFM 2014 Spring Show a huge success!


Thanks to our press officer Mike Shaw, the world (well in Orpington at least) has heard the good news about the success of our Spring Show:

Orpington Video & Film Makers Spring Show – held at the Methodist Hall Orpington on Friday 21st March – attracted close on 200 people – one of their largest crowds ever!”

Link to the complete story: http://orpingtoncommunity.weebly.com/1/post/2014/03/orpington-video-film-makers-springshow-attracts-huge-crowd.html

With thanks to Orpington Community website for posting the story and Mike for writing it!

2 Replies to “OVFM 2014 Spring Show a huge success!”

  1. Well done OVFM for putting on a great Spring Show. I’ve had very positive feedback about the evening and it makes me proud to think we entertained such a large audience.
    I hope they will all join us again for our next show in the AUTUMN (watch this space for more details).

    1. Thanks to the late arrival of our family from Switzerland, Reg and I were lucky to be able to be there – VERY lucky!
      This is probably the first time we haven’t had any involvement in all the planning so we were able to sit back and simply enjoy ourselves.
      It was a great evening, in all respects, so ‘thank you’ everybody for your input
      – including those who kept us a parking place
      and brought us cups of tea!!

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