New OVFM Project – Park



It’s project time once again at OVFM and the topic chosen by the Legion of Doom (aka the Committee) is “park”.


While the obvious interpretation will spring to mind, this subject is in fact potentially more nebulous than you may think. Before you go rushing off to your local public gardens with your camera, consider that park could also refer to a “Theme” park like Alton Towers or Lego land, or maybe it could suggests a water park. or how about a car park? Extending that further maybe a comedy about trying to “park” a car?


I would even go so far as to proffer a tribute to the great Korean director PARK Chan-Wook but I’m the only one in the club cool enough to have heard of him so… 😛


Anyway, get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with, and don’t forget it can be a solo or group project so don’t be afraid to ask your fellow club members for help or advice and if you need it, club equipment is available on request from our secretary. The closing date for entries is the club meeting on TUESDAY JULY 7 th which should give you about a month to put something together or have a trawl through your personal archives for a film to share with us.


Thanks for reading, good luck to all who participate and we look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours on the 7th of July!

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  1. So Lee, will you make a tribute to PARK Chan-Wook?? But maybe a long journey to Korea or China to film him.

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