New OVFM Project – “OVFM Advert II”


New OVFM Project

OVFM Advert II


Back in 2010 we ran a project evening where we asked you to, the loyal and productive members of OVFM, to make an advert to promote OVFM and hopefully encourage new member to join the club.

Well, with plans for the club for open out very own YouTube channel very close to coming to fruition (watch this space) we are once again giving you the opportunity to get your creative caps on and make another advert for the club. It can be comedic, dramatic, esoteric or a straight up infomercial – just as long as it gets the message across of what we do in OVFM and what we can offer prospective film makers.

You can see a previous entry from Mike Shaw here:

The deadline is the club meeting on August 6th so you’d better get started!

Good luck!