New OVFM Project – Mobile


It’s project time again folks! This is where we throw out a subject matter or theme to you and you can allow your imaginations to run wild in making a short film on that topic.

The suggested theme is “Mobile”, which could mean mobile phones, mobility scooters, mobile homes, mobiles hanging over a baby’s cot, mobility in general – anything you want.

Remember the idea of these projects is not just to help flex your creative muscles but to increase and improve your filmmaking experience. These films are not being assessed like our Top Ten, so there is no pressure to make your version of Citizen Kane to impress your peers, this is about having fun and doing what a film club is supposed to do – make films!

As ever your film can be a solo or group project so don’t be afraid to ask your fellow club members for help or advice and if you need it, club equipment is available on request from our secretary Freddy Beard!

So get you thinking caps on and your cameras out because we will be screening your films at the club meeting on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 16th 2016 giving you just over a month to get your films made.

Good luck!