As you can see we are intent on keeping you all very busy this year as we announce another project for you to get your teeth into.

The latest theme is another which has nebulous connotations to it – CURRENT! It could be something to do with electricity, or water flow, a film that focuses on a topical issue or maybe something of great import that is happening in your life at this very moment that you wish to document in film form.

We would also accept variations on the word, such a the alternate spelling of “currant” in relation to the fruit, in keeping with the nation’s ongoing fascination with baking cakes where currants are a popular ingredient. For any cockneys in the club you’ll know that “currant bun” is rhyming slang for “sun”, so you could have some fun with any footage you shot over the summer.

Perhaps a little left-field but it you have a project you are “currently” working on for something else and would like some feedback or suggestions on how to finish it, bring it along and we can accommodate you that way whilst remaining under the remit of the project theme.

The deadline and screening date for all films is the club meeting on October 31st (Hey, that’s Halloween – maybe a “timely” horror film would work?) so better get your thinking caps on!

Thanks for reading and good luck to all who enter a film.