Members Films


A small sample of films made by OVFM members! Enjoy!


Talking Pictures

by Mike Shaw


Ever wondered why Mona Lisa was smiling, what Rodin’s Thinker was thinking or what Whistler’s Mother was whistling? Well, let them tell you themselves!!

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When Freya Met Teego

by Chris Coulson

When Teego, an eleven week-old marble kitten, joins the Coulson household, he’s not the only one with some adjusting to do – and six year-old Bengal cat Freya is not planning on making it easy for Teego.

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Remote Control

by Mike Shaw


Losing the TV remote control is always a nuisance but losing control of your remote control is a nightmare!!

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Two Little Words

by Lee Relph


It’s amazing how much difference two little words can make to someone’s day.

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Orpington Christmas Lights 2013

by John & Ann Epton

The beginning of the festive celebrations in Orpington in 2013!