OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday September 1st 2015



Colin “Colin” Jones is celebrating his 50th Anniversary as a member of OVFM, that’s half a century! Normally I would make a quip about how that is longer than most of us have been alive, but unfortunately that only really applies to about three of us in the club!

When Colin joined the club in 1965 life was still in black and white and OVFM was known as the Orpington Cine Society (OCS). During his time with the club Colin has seen many changes including the club name: following OCS, there were a number of name changes including Society for Orpington Cine Enthusiasts, Orpington Cine Camera Club, Cine Film Lovers Of Orpington, Orpington’s Super 8 Super Film Club, Super 8 & Video Film Makers Of Orpington, Orpington Embraces Video, Film Makers & Video Lovers in Orpington, Barry Manilow and finally Orpington Video & film Makers.

Ironically while the world has changed over the years, Colin hasn’t. He still has his milk delivered, he still writes letters, he still has a rotary telephone and while many of you are reading this on your mobile phones, iPads, laptops or PCs, chances are Colin is reading this on his typewriter.

There are a number of reasons why Colin has remained a fixture of the club, the most obvious being that no-one else would have him – not even on a part exchange deal with a 1981 Ford Cortina and jar of peanuts. But maybe that is OVFM’s gain as we’ve had the benefit of his years of experience in filmmaking and of course his extensive catalogue of films.

Ranging from animations to comedies, dramas and local interest and holiday films to keep us in touch with the Orpington of the past (in other words, reminding the older club members what they looked like with hair – and that goes for the men too!) Colin has dipped his toe in many waters over the years (sadly not filmed) and is never short of an idea or film when it comes to entering our regular competitions and project evenings.

So, join Colin this Tuesday for a look through some of the films from his colossal archive in celebration of this landmark anniversary, give him a pat on the back and enjoy a slice of cake which I doubt anyone has thought of getting but will have to now I’ve suggested it!

Happy 50th Anniversary Colin!

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  1. Bit rough on most members Lee, but many lived through War so can take whatever is dished out. Looking forward to the Colin Evening

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