There’s no stopping us here at OVFM. We may have just completed one Film To A Theme project  and now we have another for you to get stuck into.

As you can see, the theme is a universal one – Family! We all have one – it might be large or small, in close proximity to one another or spread out across the globe – and as filmmakers there are bound to be endless hours of footage of your loved ones sitting around in your archives maybe as complete films or yet to be compiled into something coherent.

This could be from a holiday, a celebration or party, a festive get together like Christmas, a wedding, or simply a day out that was too much fun not to capture on film. It might be a look at your kids growing up (if you have them) or a look back at your wedded life (if you have one); maybe you have some interesting characters in your family tree that you’d like to share with us, the possibilities are endless.

Now, this can come in any format you like – a piece set to music, a humorous collage, the basis for a poem or even a mini-drama, whatever you can come up with will no doubt provide us with an entertaining evening of films.

The deadline for this project is the screening date which is set for Tuesday May 21st so you have just over a month to put something together, and we look forward to see what you have for us then!