Transformation of the Knoll in Orpington


As part of OVFM’s History of Orpington project, club treasurer David Laker has once again taken a trip back in time to explore the Knoll in Orpington, revealing its fascinating beginnings in the mid 19th century to the area we now know today.

We have an extract of David’s film Transformation of the Knoll in Orpington here:



If you would like to see the complete film, we encourage you to stay in touch with OVFM for news of the hopeful return to our annual Spring Show in 2022!

One Reply to “Transformation of the Knoll in Orpington”

  1. Hello I would be very interested to see the whole of Transformation of the Knoll in Orpington
    I was born in Orpington in 1963 in Dalewood Road. My parents still live there , they moved in in 59
    I no longer live there, now reside in Shropshire

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