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OVFM, Amateur Film Making For All

Orpington Video and Film Makers, or OVFM for short, is a friendly amateur film making club in the Orpington area. OVFM members make dramas, documentaries, comedies and experimental films. OVFM has a large membership of all ages and abilities and can number amongst its ranks experienced award winning film makers and complete novices. By its […]

Guest Speaker – Tim Jones

Let me tell you, if you missed our guest speaker Tim Jones, you have my sympathy, because you missed a real treat! Tim is a Senior Lecturer at Christ Church College Canterbury in the Film and TV Dept. but more importantly than that he has a long association with OVFM. He was just twelve years […]

Green With Envy

A Personal Review of The Green Screen Practical Evening. When it was suggested that another session with the club’s green screen was due Chris quickly volunteered to organize the requisite practical evening. Never one to shy away from a challenge he decided to put on a demonstration of the use of green screen AND show […]